Reading to Your Baby

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The teacher in me loves books, like all other teachers do, but the mom in me loves books SO much more! I love watching my wiggly baby sit still and listen intently to a story. He loves books with bright pictures, flaps to lift, and musical rhymes. And most of all, it brings me so much joy to watch him pick up a book, independently, and begin turning the pages as he babbles to himself. 

Every day, I make it a goal to read my baby at least three books. Sometimes it happens all in one sitting, and sometimes it is spread out. My favorite moments are when we've already read three books and he is still sitting quietly in my lap, waiting for more! So we read more, and more! Sometimes we read all the books in his basket twice and I feel like my heart might burst. Reading to my baby creates an open dialogue between the two of us (this helps with speech), and it gives us an opportunity to cuddle, which is so important for me and my baby.

Like I already mentioned, I might be a bit obsessed with children's literature, and my little guy has quite an impressive collection of board books. We have them in lots of different areas... the family room, his room, the loft, the car, and I always have a few small books in my diaper bag. The picture above shows where we keep his books in the family room. They are on a low shelf, were he can reach them (which is so important) and he can get them down whenever he wants. All day long, he pulls this book basket down, goes through all of his books, and makes a mess of them. I am constantly putting his books away, but that's okay with me. I love that he knows where to find them, and he can "read" whenever he wants to. I also switch these books out with other books from time to time, so he doesn't get bored of them.

I've made a list of our favorite board books so far. Since I'm a boy mom, I've picked 5 board books that I know all baby boys will love, but I'm sure little girls will love them, too. Our favorite book (and it was also my favorite as a little girl) is Dear Zoo. It is such a fun book to read and the flaps are quite sturdy, so he can't just rip them off (he's tried). My little buddy will sit and listen to this story over and over again!

What are your favorite board books? Please share! 
We are always looking for new, fun books to add to our ever-growing collection.

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Fun Freebies for February!

Don't Eat Pete is a fun game to play at your classroom Valentine's Day party! This game will quickly become a class favorite!  Click {here} to check it out and download it for free. I also have a Halloween version {here}.
DIRECTIONS: Place one candy heart in each square of the game board. Send the first child away from the room, and have the remaining children choose which love monster will be "Pete". Then have the first child come back and begin eating the candy hearts, one at a time. As soon as the child tries to pick up the candy heart that is on the "Pete" love monster, everyone yells, "Don't eat Pete!!!!" Refill the game board with candy hearts, and play again with the next child. (You can also put sight words on top of each monster and have each child read the sight word before they can eat the candy.)


You can send your students home with LOVE POX! This is always such a fun activity and parents love it, too! Click {here} to learn more and get the free printable.


Your students will love these glow stick Valentines! Click {here} to get this free printable.

To make these Valentines, just print onto white card stock, cut out, sign your name, and tape onto a glow stick. Super easy, right?! Your students will be so excited to get these!


If you are a teacher, then you already have a drawer full of fun {fancy} pencils! Pull those pencils out and download this Valentine tag {here} and you'll be ready to go on Valentine's Day. *Note: You might want to sharpen all of the pencils ahead of time... otherwise you'll have an instant line at your pencil sharpener. 


These packets are also perfect for February! Click on the pictures to learn more!

(The Classroom Kindness Project is a great February activity, but it can be used all year!)

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The Classroom Kindness Project

Finally it's FEBRUARY! Let the "love" festivities begin! February is a great time to encourage your students to be kind... because it's all about LOVE! My newest packet, The Classroom Kindness Project, will help you do just that!

The activities in this packet are designed to teach kindness in the classroom. As a teacher you have many opportunities to teach kindness to your students. You can teach kindness through object lessons, real-life situations, encouraging your students to be kind, and by being a good example (they are always watching you). The activities in this packet will help guide you through the process of teaching kindness to your students. You and your students will enjoy these fun, meaningful activities!

This fun Daily Kindness Challenge will give your students a different challenge to focus on each day.

Your students will have so much fun sending sunshine to someone they care about or doing service for someone and leaving "The Secret Serve Star" behind.

The Kindness Report Card is a really great self-assessment and it will get your students thinking about how kind they are to others and what being kind means to them. Your students will also love the Kindness Bingo homework activity!

This 30 Days of Kindness Journal will surely become a keepsake to your students for years to come!

This whole group sorting activity will help define the words "kind" and "unkind".

The Kindness Jar will encourage your class to be kind as a whole, because every time you see someone being kind or making a good choice, you will add a pom pom! When the jar is full, you can have a class party! 

Your students will also have a lot of fun noticing others be kind with the "Kind Classmates" box. Whenever your students see other's being extra kind, they can give them a shout out!

After completing the activities in this packet, I hope you feel an improvement in your classroom atmosphere, and you have students who strive to be kind to others. Click (here) to check out The Classroom Kindness Project and save 20% today only!

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